What Are The Best Shisha Brands?

If you want to experience the thickest smoke clouds when you smoke hookah, it’s imperative to choose from the best shisha brands. It’s important to understand that smoke cloud density depends on the arrangement, heat control, and the shisha you prefer.

According to the best hookah lounge DFW, if you want thicker smoke, it’s best to use a shisha with more glycerin.

Smoking good and premium shisha products are crucial to prevent a bad experience. That’s why at Pharaoh’s Hookah Lounge in Hurst, Tx, only the finest tobacco brands.

According to the best hookah lounges near me, here are the best shisha brands in the market today!

  1. Adalya

Our first brand on the list is Adalya Hookah Tobacco. This brand was established in Turkey in 2003. The brand was only available in Turkey, but it soon expanded worldwide due to its premium shisha products.

These days, Adalya is the second-largest hookah company in the world.

Hookah smokers love Adalya due to its wide variety of flavors, especially its Best Seller flavor, Love 66.

Adalya Love 66 is the perfect combination of Virginia tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and flavoring.

  1. Starbuzz

This US shisha brand entered the market in 2005, and since the beginning, it has established a loyal fans base; hookah lovers know Starbuzz because it offers more than 120 terrific flavors and mixes.

Starbuzz also offers:


In 2015, Starbuzz launched its most attractive and popular collection: Bold.

The Bold line is Starbuzz’s most recognized collection. Most shisha experts believe the Bold line is a one-of-a-kind tobacco product as it’s spicy and mysterious.

The Starbuzz Bold collection is for those people who love intense flavors and long-lasting hookah sessions.

  1. Fumari

These days, Fumari has become one of the best shisha brands in the market due to its excellent flavors, taste, and smoke. Fumari offers hookah smokers a wide variety of flavors to easily mix them to create a unique combination.

We love Fumari because it’s an excellent brand for beginners as its flavors are smooth and pleasant. Besides, the smoke cloud is very thick, allowing consumers to experience this ancient practice fully.

Fumari’s best seller is Fantasia Shisha Tobacco, free of tobacco and nicotine. This shisha line comes in more than 20 different tastes, so you’ll have no problem finding the one that is best for you.

  1. Tangiers Shisha

Tangiers is well-known for its intense shisha tobacco products, and it’s a favorite among experienced hookah smokers. This brand provides thick smoke clouds, allowing consumers to have fun while experiencing this cultural expression.

Keep in mind that Tangiers products require a proper bowl, pack, and heat management to ensure the greatest hookah clouds.

We recommend trying Tangiers Burley line if you want shisha with higher nicotine levels and Tangiers F-line for those who wish to experience Caffeinated Noir options.

  1. Argelini

Argelini is a premium shisha brand manufactured in Jordan. This brand entered the market in 2011 and soon expanded globally. One of the primary characteristics of Argelini shisha products is their wide variety of flavors that have been carefully handcrafted to offer hookah smokers the ultimate experience.

This top-quality brand pays special attention to natural results and great tastes by providing the perfect tobacco infusion.

The brand offers a unique blend of Golden Virginia tobacco leaves, high-quality vegetable glycerin, and honey manufactured by Argelini. Hookah smokers can enjoy long-lasting sessions, and its flavors suit everyone.

Please note that Argelini only offers tobacco products free of harsh ingredients such as chemicals, artificial colors and are ecologically packed.

We recommend trying Astana, Icy Grape, and Blueberry.

These five shisha brands are the best in the market today!

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