The History of Hookah

Where Does Hookah Originate From?

Hookah is an ancient practice that involves smoking flavored tobacco or molasses from a water pipe in which each person passes the hose and takes a puff among friends and family. This tradition is well known for promoting conversations and compatibility among those participating.

Smoking hookah, also known as shisha, sheesha, nargileh, or kalian, goes back more than 1,000 years ago. It’s a typical practice in India, Persia, Turkey, Egypt, and most Middle East countries. Recently, this cultural tradition has expanded to Europe, the United States, Russia, and Canada.

From the beginning, this ancient practice has been considered a sign of good faith, social activity, and fun. Hookah is the perfect activity to develop a strong bond between family members, friends, and business associates.

Hookah History

According to the best hookah lounge DFW, this practice originated hundreds of years ago. Up until now, the exact origins of the hookah are unsure. The most accepted theory is that hookah was introduced in India across the border of Pakistan in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

In the beginning, hookahs were commonly used to smoke opium and hashish. These days most people smoke tobacco and nicotine products.

Historians believe that hookah was quickly spread due to the British commercial transactions with India during the 15th century. Even though smoking tobacco products were considered a pleasure, the western world considered this practice “barbaric” until it reached Turkey.

Turkey was one of the first countries where hookahs were adopted as part of their lifestyle. It’s no surprise that Turkish artisans manufacture some of the most beautiful and luxurious hookahs in the world these days.

Best hookah lounges near me agree that Turkey has significantly contributed to how hookahs are manufactured today.

During the 18th century, shisha symbolized fortune, status, and money. It was a common practice to smoke shisha during political and royal ventures. When a person was offered a hookah, it represented trust, and refusing it was considered a severe offense.

Hookah Today

Today, hookah lounges have become the ideal places to talk about politics, local news and have fun. In some Muslim countries, like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, smoking hookah is only available for men, and no alcohol is served.

Conversely, in Western countries like the US, hookah lounges typically offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, music, and a unique atmosphere so that everyone can experience this ancient practice.

Usually, hookah lounges offer a combination of exotic tobaccos, honey molasses, and dried fruit. For instance, at Pharaoh’s Hookah Lounge in Hurst, Tx, you can add one, two, or three flavors, and you can modify your hookah with an ice hose or add anything in the base.

Thanks to the popularity of hookah lounges, more people use the pipe for tobacco products instead of illegal drugs.

Smoking hookah is a social practice that allows you to enjoy the excellent company of friends and family. This ancient activity gives you time to think as it boosts patience and gives you a better life’s balance. That’s why it’s very trendy among college students.

While most customs and manners differ from culture to culture, the tradition has remained the same. Smoking shisha is a group activity ideal for those who want to share, talk, and have a terrific time.

Hookah lounges are now a vital part of every US community as they gather people together regardless of social class, political statements, or religion.

Even though now it’s possible to find impressive innovation in hookahs, the tradition is still deeply associated with a cultural expression. And for most people, hookah is part of their lifestyle.

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