How Big Is The US Hookah Market?

According to the best hookah lounge DFW, Pharaoh’s Hookah Lounge owner, the US hookah market was valued at more than 820 million dollars in 2021. It’s expected to reach $1,600 million by 2030.

Hookah is a water pipe specifically designed to smoke tobacco, also known as shisha or sheesha.

The expansion of this market is mainly due to tobacco product manufacturers who have invested in low-risk tobacco products and the social aspect of smoking hookah.

Best hookah lounges near me agree that they have remained open by offering a one-of-a-kind experience alongside top-quality products. Hookah tobacco comes in various flavors such as cherry, citrus mint, and douple apple.

For instance, at Pharaoh’s Hookah Lounge in Hurst, Tx you can add one, two, or three flavors, as well as modify your hookah with an ice hose or add anything to your hookah base.

Most people smoke hookah because of its social aspect and relaxing and energizing effect. This traditional practice has gained popularity in the United States, particularly among college students, allowing different cultures to come together. It offers a unique experience as hookah is available in multiple ways.

Hookah Smoking and Covid-19

The COVID-19 crisis has had an enormous impact worldwide, and most industries have suffered, including the hookah tobacco industry. Unfortunately, during the first quarter of 2020, many hookah lounges had to shut their business as people were confined to their homes.

Even though most businesses experience a low consumer demand due to the coronavirus crisis, hookah lounges are slowly emerging stronger than ever.

Since the COVID-19 strict government regulations, hookah lounges have implemented better health policies to keep staff members and consumers safe. These actions have allowed hookah lounges to emerge and develop significantly.

Best hookah lounges in DFW have taken the required steps to stay safe and healthy. Here are the best things you should do when smoking shisha regardless of the COVID-19 situation:

Wash your hands before starting a hookah session
Request your mouthpiece to avoid sharing with others
Keep your distance at hookah lounges
Sanitize and clean the shisha pipe after use
Stay home and don’t go to a hookah lounge if you’re feeling under the weather

According to hookah lounge owners, following the above sanitary practices can help you avoid the virus and still have a terrific time with your friends at your favorite place. You can be sure that hookah lounges are doing their best to keep everyone healthy and safe.

What to Expect for the Hookah Industry?

According to economic analyses, the hookah industry is expected to grow in the United States during 2022-2026. Since the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still unknown, it’s vital to foresee the hookah industry in three scenarios: optimistic, probable, and pessimistic.

Economists predict that the hookah industry will continue to adapt through the response, recovery, and renewal steps.

Please note that the market growth will continue to increase compared to 2019. This is caused by the growing popularity of smoking alternatives, with tobacco manufacturers offering products with distinct flavor features.

Additionally, hookah tobacco products are becoming premium, allowing users to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure.

These significant factors are stimulating the US hookah market growth.

Final Considerations

Since a post-pandemic business plan can be challenging, we recommend hookah lounge owners adjust their strategic planning to move forward once the new normal enters.

Ensure to invest in premium tobacco products and don’t forget to offer consumers a safe and healthy environment. It would be wise to prepare to lighten future crises.

The hookah industry in the US is still solid, and there is confidence the market will keep growing in the following years.

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